I am ready to leave. To leave this small town behind me, to finally feel the rush of a big city. The only thing I am not ready for is to leave my little sister behind. We are like peanutbutter and jelly, like milk and cookies. For as long as I can remember we have […]

-our spot-

Once every year, on her birthday, I come to this spot to remember. Remember the good times I had with her. Watching this water that took her life is, is calming in some way. Like when she finally drowned she was finally at peace with the world. The last time I ever spoke to her, […]


Dear Anxiety, Fuck you. The amount of nights I have stayed awake because of the encounter we had that day. Once you were a in the background, never really there. But now we are always together. There is not a moment I can get away from you. Always there, ten steps ahead never a million […]

-ferris wheel-

I am stuck going round and round on a ferris wheel. Some days I am on top of the world, other I am stuck on rock bottom. S      T      U      C      K   I am a slave to this carnvial ride, trapped and I can’t leave or […]

-a letter to my dad-

Dear Dad, When I was a little girl, I would think of you as my hero. Someone I would look forward to see.  I would run into your arms and finally feel safe, Like nothing or no-one can hurt me.  Six-teen years later however, I only think of you as a coward.    Someone who […]

-that friend-

I am always “the strong friend”, you know the one you vomit all your problems to. The ones you cry to. The ones you unload all your bullshit onto. The one who listens but is never heard. When I feel I am drowning and I need a gasp of oxygen, no one is there to […]

-death of a decade-

Dear 2010-2019, Thank you for everything you helped me through. These years were vital for me to grow up. Just when this decade started I was only seven years-old. I was in grade 2 at the time, now I am a sixteen year-old in grade 11 still trying to figureout my life. In these short […]

-but i LOVE him-

DISCLAIMER** I do not want this to be perceived as me trying to romanticize domestic abuse AT ALL! I have done research on this topic and most survivors say it was hard to leave the abuser, because they have fallen in love with them. I am so confused. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, […]

-happiest place on earth-

We started the morning off by riding on the bus to the happiest place on earth! It was about a forty-five-minute bus ride. We were staying at Hope International University with the band. When we arrived we were all filled to the brim with excitement. When we got into the park, past security, we gathered […]

-stepping stones-

Some are larger, while others are smaller. Some are shiny and new while others are broken and dusty. You have no idea what they have witnessed so be careful while walking through. If you listen closely you will be able to hear the legends of the stones. A new stepping stone gets placed down, a […]